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Disgraced detective Sam Crane would do anything to help his comatose daughter recover. But when he's told to turn a blind eye to the murder of a reclusive scientist, he refuses, seeing his resolve as atonement for failing his family and his colleagues. Sam's determination to persevere endangers his friends, even as it reveals a secret sought by a deluded advertising magnate, a set of look-alike terrorists, and government agents: a way to alter the visible world. If only he could have seen the truth through his own eyes. Confronting a deceptive, hyper-commercial world amid a pandemic of blindness, Sam realizes he must embrace the artifice he resents to maintain his integrity. He plays his adversaries against each other in a gamble that puts his investigation at risk but offers a way to mend his fractured life–if he can survive.

Kirkus Reviews – The Best Books of 2015

"An invigorating sci-fi mystery that’s so plugged in it may leave readers’ brains buzzing."

— Kirkus Reviews

"The story is well written with language often becoming poetic before coming back to being candid and incisive. This was a short novel that hit all the right notes for me.

— The Hungry Monster Book Review

"Claburn’s novel is all the more tense and frightening for feeling only one step away from today, a feeling relieved by Sam’s old-fashioned cynicism mixed with his willingness to do anything for his daughter. His deep emotions make him the most real and absorbing feature of this vivid story about a virtual world overloaded with real danger."

— Publishers Weekly Self-Publishing Stars of 2015

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